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Transparencia institucional, organizativa e de planificación

Información económica, orzamentaria e estatística


All the information regarding the mechanisms of good governance and control of the activity of the people who occupy senior positions and management staff of the Camilo José Cela Foundation.

Senior management at the Camilo José Cela Foundation. Information provided by the transparency portal of the Xunta de Galicia

Remuneration of the management staff of the Camilo José Cela Foundation. Information in PDF format provided by the Ministry of the Treasury.

The basic rules on transparency require the publication of the annual accounts to be submitted by the subjects included in its scope, as well as the auditing and auditing reports by the external control bodies that issue them.

Audit report accounts year 2017

Audit Report Accounts Year 2018

It is in the Profile of the contractor of the Camilo José Cela Foundation, according to the terminology of the current Law 30/2007 on Public Sector Contracts. From here you have access to information on all the contractual activity of the entity: contracting procedures in progress in any of its phases.

The following links give access to the recruitment procedures according to the phase of the procedure in which they are:

In terms of presentation

Pending award



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