Other legacies

Camilo José Cela with José García Nieto.

The Galician Public Foundation Camilo José Cela regularly collaborates with the José García Nieto Foundation in the annual call for the José García Nieto International Micro Poetry Contest.

To learn more about the poet from Oviedo visit the website of his Foundation:

imagen_linkJosé García Nieto Foundation

Other legacies:

n addition to the legacy of Camilo José Cela and the legacy of José García Nieto, other authors have bequeathed their legacies to the Foundation to be kept and preserved for posterity: the legacy of the Padrón writer Nicasio Pajares - bequeathed by his daughter María del Carmen Pajares Escolano-, that of the writer José María Sánchez-Silva, that of the Granada-born painter Eduardo Correa, the legacy on Dámaso Alonso by Cela’s bibliographer, Fernando Huarte Morton, and others who comprise the library stocks at the Foundation and who make up a unique collection in the world.

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