The Camilo José Cela Museum


The Foundation offers each year a complete cultural programme to bring Camilo José Cela’s figure and legacy closer to visitors: guided tours to the permanent exhibition, loans to other institutions, educational activities for students and a variety of cultural events.
The Foundation also hosts temporary exhibitions both inside and outside its headquarters, either related to an event of interest or in collaboration with other entities with the aim of converting the Camilo José Cela Museum into a cultural and artistic reference of the region.
The Foundation has large, comfortable spaces with historical and cultural themes and may host all kinds of events, courses, lectures or presentations.


As a museum entity, the Foundation has a permanent exhibition structured chronologically in order to show the life and literary background of Camilo José Cela.


As a complement to its own exhibitions, the Foundation develops a policy of free loans from the museum collections to other institutions.
If you are an institution interested in having any of one of our items on loan, you may contact us at

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