Camilo José Cela Archive


The ‘Recorteca’ is the archive of press clippings, one of the most useful tools for researchers and scholars who want to delve into the work and life of this prolific writer. This stock is configured in two different sets: on the one hand, the one that assembles the work published by Camilo José Cela in the press and, on the other, reviews or news referring to him. It should be noted that the volumes corresponding to the first years were collected and ordered by the author himself, consisting, in many cases, of handwritten annotations of undeniable value (until 1962 ).
This collection comprises more than 170,000 clippings from the date of publication of his first works until his death in 2002.

Photo library and media library:

More than 10,000 photographs and slides comprise the photographic archives kept at the Foundation. This material testifies to the intense life of the writer, his many travels, the main events of his literary career and his many encounters with relevant personalities of twentieth-century Spanish social and cultural life. To consult part of the writer's photo library you may visit Cervantes Virtual/Fototeca.
The media library comprises many documentaries about his life and his work, television interviews and reports of the events that accompanied him throughout his career as a writer. Films based on his works and other documents of varied themes add up to this complete stock of almost 1,000 digitized audiovisual files.

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