“KUMANO KODO" Exhibition. Pilgrimage Way

Exposición "KUMANO"

From 1st of February to 11th of April, the “Kumano Kodo exhibition. Pilgrimage Way" can be visited at the Camilo José Cela Museum, made up of more than thirty photographs of the sadly deceased Luis Ocaña.

The Kumano-Kodo Way is one of the most important pilgrimages that take place in Japan and, together with the Camino de Santiago, make up the only two pilgrimage paths in the world listed by UNESCO, in 2004, as World Heritage Properties . Both paths have been twinned since the summer of 1998.

In the Japanese culture, Kumano is a sacred land that is reached after going through chains of rugged mountains like Kii mountain and where, according to the tradition, the spirits of the dead people could be found.

Luis Alonso Ocaña's work, had the help of Tosukawa municipality and Nara prefecture, where Kumano Way preserves an ancient tradition alive.

Organized by: Turismo de Galicia
Collaborate: Galician Public Foundation Camilo José Cela