Educational programming

In 1986, Camiliño Josesiño created his museum in Iria Flavia, the village where he was born. In it, they keep all his things so that they do not spoil and so that all the people who want may come to see them and learn a lot about Camiliño and his works, but also about other writers and artists who were his friends.
That's why every year we plan many activities at the Foundation so that, in addition to learning, people who visit us may have a lot of fun at Camiliño’s museum, especially children who come to see us on their school trips. We have prepared a lot of entertaining activities for them. Do you want to find about them? It does not matter how old you are because we cater to all ages.

Guided tours and workshops

You can visit the museum by playing. In addition, you can engage in a workshop related to the visit in which imagination, creativity and fun are guaranteed. Find out here about some of our tours.

Camiliño Josesiño goes to school – teaching kits

But if your school cannot bring you to Camiliño Josesiño’s museum , we can lend you some teaching kits in which we have put some of Camiliño's favourite things.


‘Letreseo’: a week of letters at the museum

In May, for a week, every year the museum is celebrating because there is much to celebrate: there is the birthday of Camiliño Josesiño (May 11), Galician Literature Day (May 17) and International Museum Day (May 18). Do not miss it because we always have some surprises!

Advice to teachers

If you are a teacher, we give you a hand to prepare the visit and we have materials available for you. We also recommend the Interactive Reading Unit together with EducaBarrié ‘Camilo José Cela, a total creator’ (in Spanish). Dare to meet Camiliño Josesiño and take advantage of your classes!

These are some of the things that we have prepared for you. If you want to know more, consult our EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM FOR THIS ACADEMIC YEAR 2022-2023 (in Spanish)

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